Although USC helps fund these projects, all of us are responsible for the majority of the budget. We have already managed to raise enough money to film the project in Los Angeles, with many actors, locations, and equipment vendors generously donating their time and services. But now we have to print posters, manufacture DVDs, and submit to film festivals - all of which is very expensive but nevertheless integral part of the process. Afterall, what is the purpose of making a film if no one is going to see it?

As the credits in the movie have already been finalized, all donors will be credited on this website in the following categories:

MAHOGANY DONOR (Patron): up to $500

PINE DONOR (Sponsor): up to $300

CARDBOARD DONOR (Supporter): up to $100

Any donation would truly be appreciated and honestly, no donation is too small! All donors will be given a copy of the movie, a special prop from the making of the film, and invited to all screenings and press events.

Thank you so much for your tremendous support! With your help we will be able to share this quirky and absurd, but ultimately heartwarming story with the world!


*Note: Unfortunately, due to the time constraints of the post-production schedule, IRIANI ELKINS was not able to receive credit at the end of the film. However, we wish to extend our very special thanks for her incredible support!


Donald Crowe

Nikhil Oberoi

Bill Rives


Bob & Virginia Blair

Loren Bourget

Paul Chmelik

Dan Galbraith

Roy & Joanne Rudyk


Elliot Chow

Karen Cummings

Dave D'aranjo

Gerald Dawe

Mike & Jill Duoto

Iriani Elkins

Linda Howitt

Tim & Meg Lonergan

Jack & Dianne Lowe

Nick McDougall

Mostafa & Pari Rastin

Taymaz Rastin

Cynthia Sauvage

John & Kay Stefaniuk

Meghann Thayer

Ron & Carolyn Varilek


Thanks to everyone who donated!



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